Monday, May 12, 2014

Fresh Paint Showcase - Welcome to Mars!

Hey all!  

Another post - another army! This time around it is an Admech army that counts as Tau in game.  Lots of Fire Warriors, suits, drones, and one Riptide.  The display is based on Forge World boards build up from kit bashing and scratch.  It features a working Android tabled, which plays an animated slideshow as army nameplate.  The building roofs remove for access to LED wiring, but the switches are mounted in windows to allow for easy access.

I hope you enjoy!  Now I suddenly feel like watching Total Recall...Tau-tal Recall?  I went there. :)

 Fire Warriors

Marker Drones


Missile Drones

Gun Drones

Crisis Suits



I think these were mostly for fun :) 

Dual Missile Suits

Plasma/Flamer Melta/Flamer

Dual Flamer

Fire Warriors