Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CMoN Expo 2014!

Hey all!

Just wanted to announce I will be at CMoN Expo, May 23-25 in Buckhead Georgia.  I will be doing the following demos:

Friday at 5pm - Terrain Basics - In this class I will go over the basics of building simple terrain, and all the tools I use to make my displays.  There are just as many tricks in what tools and glues to use as there are in actual building techniques!  No need to be intimidated by the hardware store any longer.

Saturday at 5pm - Airbrushing Basics - For those who have never used an airbrush and are a bit intimidated by the prospect, I will go over everything from setup, basic use, paint mixing, on through to cleaning.  Don't waste money on trial and error with such an expensive tool!

Sunday at 5pm - Building the Throne - I will go over, in an in depth slideshow presentation, the process of building "the throne" from concept to creation.

I am very excited and hope to see some of you there! Don't hesitate to say hi or drop by one of my demos. :)

Until then!