Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have Instagram? Want to Win Painted Warhammer?

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share in some other social media I use, that I am running a contest on Instagram.  It's a fun app I like to use - I enjoy talking to people that follow and comment on there and helping out newer hobbyists, which there seem to be a lot of.  So I thought it appropriate and about time to hold a contest to give back to the community.

To enter - Be following my feed and regram the above image (save and repost, screenshot my own image, or use a regramming app) with the hashtag #gmmgiveback.  That's it!

The prize - Any (available to order at time of drawing) Games Workshop kit of choosing, barring Battleforces.  The kit will be bought, assembled, painted to the winner's specifications, and shipped all on me!

The rules - Only one entry per 24 hours.  I will be watching as this is a hard and fast rule! Sorry, but private accounts cannot win as I cannot see the image under the hashtag.

The winner - Will be chosen June 14th using the posted images in numeric order, using a random number generating website (random.org). So, for example if there are 635 entries, I will have the website choose a number randomly between 1 and 635.  I will find that post and that person will be declared the winner.  If the winner does not respond in 48 hours I will choose a new winner, and so on.

Stay tuned, as I have other contest ideas for both Instagram and abroad!