Monday, October 20, 2014

Building the Golden Throne Part 2 - Let's Buy Junk!

This probably shouldn't be quite as exciting a sight as it is.

Hey all,

Well, time for the fun part.  Let's blow some money on a bunch of junk some antique shops are probably excited to see sell.  While actually a bit picky in what I can use - can't be too heavy, fragile, or poorly detailed - most of the stuff I am looking for is likely otherwise quite gaudy and useless.  Statuettes (preferably well detailed), small brass objects and anything plastic that is ornate for the price.  It is one of those things, after a while you can look at an object and the number on the sticker and know if it's a good "value" for the look or not.  But let's get to it!

Stuff like this is really ideal.  Very well detailed and sculpted, and either very large (as shown here, a good candidate for a centerpiece for a section) or very small (for good creepy detail).

Random statuary.  These aren't very well detailed, but when I saw ".99" I swiped them in the basket like a single child on Video Power.

My feelings on Warhammer.

The finds for the day.  Not bad, especially for the money spent. A decent variety, but I am probably done for statues unless I find something really great.

All the large objects gathered so far.  Not bad, but definitely going to need a lot more!

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