Saturday, February 14, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 4 - Big Things Have Small Beginnings

"I have never yet heard or seen anything serious that was not ridiculous" - Horace Walpole

Mr. Walpole is a comrade of taste and method in a different time and place to me.  The first true Gothic author, he would often live and create in an obsessive way, for the sake of it wanting to exist, for a need to create and a want to see something in reality.  Walpole had a taste for different and extreme; many of his creations were grand not only in skill and method, but size and scope, for sake of size and scope.

"I sat down and began to write, without knowing in the least what I intended to say or relate."

Much like Walpole at his desk improvising the first novel in the Gothic sense, I sit in my own Strawberry Hill, a secluded place not of traditional function but re-purposed to my own enjoyment and pursuits, filled with my own creations and dreams. Late into the night planning and throwing a million ideas to the wall and waking up to see what has stuck.  A Gothic structure in the architectural, in the literary method.

Some would look at Walpole and see an eccentric with poor and unconventional taste.  I see a man too confident and driven to care of anything but creation of things great in skill, and as importantly scope.

He was a based brother of the arts, and this project is dedicated to him.

This was by far the most prepared project to date. Six months of buying any interesting doodad and whatsthat I felt a pull from on the shelf.  Antique stores, flea markets, craft stores and online marketplaces all were fair game.  I have done it so much I have developed quite a skill for it and would be glad to share those methods and thoughts, but that is another post.


The biggest individual item to purchase, was the mannequin.  A lot of sleepless nights over the one to use, but I finally went for one in a regular sitting pose.  The other options were some fully articulating models, but they were much more expensive and I felt not worth the work and joint sculpting for a bit more pose freedom.

A quick test fit on the base.  The bottom is a strict size because of the glass case I have.

The first real structure work.  The legs were cut off in a particular way to open up the pose, allow it to fit, and way down the road also integrate into the throne.

 The right column had to start as two large pieces for support, just stacking boxes was not an option.

Right side shapes up, this side is more of the traditional gothic church.  A place where those that pilgrimage to the Throne would worship and pay respects.

Blocking out the left side.  Fractals, the rule of three, and imperfect symmetry are important rules of not only art but the universe, and incorporating them into anything is important, 

The center, "City of Lost Sons."

Work begins on the face after a timely Smooth On order arrives.  I am extremely happy with how his face is wrapping up.  So much so I can feel a hefty weight lift off the rest of the work, although it will not be taken advantage of!

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