Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 5 - Imperatores In Memoria

"For famous men have the whole earth as their memorial." -Pericles

There is a good bit of existing background on the Throne, but luckily for me a lot of room for creativity.  Not only in the aesthetic, but also the story.  I will save a lot of my writing on the background of this for when it is finished, but for the time being I will say I have always believed the Imperium is an alternate reality where military, technology, science and religion veer off last century or this one, where some horrible fascist regime wins one of the two World Wars, or another in this alternate near future.  This should for now explain all visual references and themes, and in the literal sense I see the "crown" of the throne being particular very important memorials from the surface that have been recovered.  Very important people in the lineage of the Emperor that he would want to keep and would be seen as relics by those who important enough to lay eyes on the throne.  Sort of a family tree if you will, honoring the people who laid the building blocks for the Imperium.  

Anyway, enjoy the images for today.  Scale is roughly 1 meter wide (same as the throne) and a couple feet high.  Watch for Waldo, for scale.