Tuesday, February 16, 2016

29 Imperial Knights - Pt 2 - House Terryn

With the overview posted, time to go into each individual set of Knights.  First is batch one of two House Terryn.  These feature the upgrade kits, couple of Forge World Knights and Dragon Forge bases.  Lots of freehand alongside a smooth shade of blue - all shading, blended highlighting and weathering hand painted over solid basecoats.  The Acheron is a gifted Knight from the Mechanicum, blending the iconography of both together.

The most traditional and "standard" of the set, for the anti-heretical out there.  Very proud of the reds and blues on these and the weathering within them.  Very tedious but worth every hour.

That's a lot of Knights but still only 5 of 29!  See you next time for more.