Sunday, February 21, 2016

29 Imperial Knights Pt 3 - Rebel Admech Overview

Time for the second batch of Knights from the set, and this one is the biggest - 14 Imperial Knights, just short of half. 5 GW Knights in mix of Paladin and Warden, and 9 Forge World Knights also with a mix of each type. These Knights will compliment a future army, and the client was after a dark rebel Admech army in black and red. Using a smoky black and deep red with brass, the final look is something straight out of a steampunk Victorian dystopia. Not quite chaos, but a rebel group of Admech on Mars. Emblems based on a cracked cog of the Mechanicum and a black sun.
All bases handmade and Knights pinned throughout. Each Knight individually posed with the addition of a ver conversions and dynamic poses with Death Korps models.

See you next time for all the close ups!