Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just Another Day at the Office....

Finishing a project and sending off great pictures is one of my favorite things, but another often unsung and unseen is the very next day getting knee deep in another one.  As a commission painter, I am very lucky to have so many customers trust to just send whatever they like to be sorted into their own personal bins until project start.  When the time comes, it's like Christmas - ripping open and oogling boxes and baggies.  Taking my lists and checking them twice.

In keeping things professional there isn't much shown of the behind the scenes here.  It's really just a couple a couple very optimized bedrooms and a garage, and so many armies in storage and in the queue they have taken over an old bathroom.  So I wanted to take a moment away from all the fancy pictures to say thanks to all of my clients who trust in not just my painting ability, but myself as a person.

Thank you.  Now back to work!