Monday, October 22, 2018

Hexfleet Virules Urban Display, Part 1

The giant Hexfleet Virules Nurgle army is pretty much a wrap!  That means backdrop time.  This is my biggest one yet, at seven feet wide and five feet deep. Needs to be quite large and also structurally stacking with "shelves" of space in order to get the army in there, and also give good images of every model. Each model being much more accessible than on a flat plane.  Couple that with always wanting a really good and solid urban backdrop, and you have most of the inspiration for the work so far.

Still a very long way to go.  This is simply the modelling basics.  Paint as well as detail are each another third or so to go.  There will be a lot of fun signage, silly references, and other interesting things to see and find.  The most fun part yet lies ahead.

Will post paint updates with before and after as progress is made.  The display is so large, in order to paint it each block of buildings is a separate sub section. Two clusters on each side, back buildings split up, and the base for a total of five.  Once the buildings are painted, they will be attached and the concrete finished.  This will also correct the uneven bits as they arent glued down flat in these photos.

Going to be fun!  See you soon with more.