Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hexfleet Virules Display Finished

The Hexfleet Virules backdrop is finished!  As far as photography backdrops, my most rewarding and fun to work on yet.  Working on these projects, especially the bigger, longer ones, you really get to know the client.  Lots of conversation about inspiration, tastes, and random other things too.  Turns out this client and I have a lot in common on the topic of our childhoods, toys we loved, and their influence on what we do today and what we enjoy.  If you've been around here for a minute you know one of my biggest fuels is nostalgia and just being a big kid when it comes to working on minis.  I get to do in much more powerful and fun ways what I would have loved to have done and had as a kid.  Similar to how when we get older we buy the Magic cards or build the Lego sets or ideas we always wanted to but couldn't, and I get to do it in the miniature way every day.  

Anyway, turns out we both had a lot of the same interest in toys as kids, and how we would play with them making up whatever out of whatever in the house.  The biggest being Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles.  With that in mind, and being fitting for the army in some ways as you will see, I went wild and had a lot of fun coming up with this backdrop.

For now, time to put some final touches on the army, and get some final photos taken.  Going to be quite a massive army and gallery, and very excited!  See you soon.