Monday, December 10, 2018

Hexfleet Virules - Huge Nurgle Army Showcase

Hello out there! Today I have for you many photos of the finished Hexfleet Virules army. Quite a massive army at that. Possibly the biggest one to date in my many years of painting. ​
This army was lovingly converted by the owner over many years, and he keeps a blog of his modelling work under the name Hexfleet Virules, the name of the army itself. Popular army blog, and for good reason as you will see. Wonderful conversions with untold hours of work put into them. Once you see them, won't really need to explain how much a treat they were to paint and quite thankful for the opportunity to do so, sharing our collaborated efforts here today. Hard to really put into words my excitement when setting up this army for photography, for what has been about 8 years of modelling for him to finally come to completion in full and in one moment. My biggest motivation and what I get the most enjoyment and rush from is the aspect of giving people what they can see in their mind, in reality. Every army is a surge of adrenaline at the finish line but the stakes and scope of this one are just off the charts. The best feeling in the world.

Working on these large projects you can really get to know a guy. Of course there is the conversation about scheming and ideas for the army, but in the busy time it often wanders to whatever else. Getting to know Mr Virules it turns out we shared a very similar childhood. Single children (well, for formative time at least for me), I lived very rural, he moved very often. We both entertained ourselves and found enjoyment and fun in playing with action figures and whatever we could find. Some of my best memories are using a chair as a Ghostbusters firehouse, getting lost in imagination not just because that is what was there but because I loved it. That's what miniatures have always been for me. Adult toys and being a big kid. Except I get to make way cooler things than back then!
We had way too many "me too!" moments in our conversations, and considering that, our mutual love of Ghostbusters action figures, and the fitting large puffy monsters invading town, you have the inspired backdrop for this army. Lots of goofy 80s, 90s, New York and Ghostbusters references, if you can find them all. It seemed too fun and perfect.
That's all for this time. I will be back soon with some more, as the full gallery is massive, and hopefully Mr Virules will be up for writing a guest post on his modelling and thoughts behind making the army. See you then!