Monday, November 25, 2019

Ynnari Display Part 2: Paint!

 Hello out there!  Back with part two, this time the paint.  This display was fun to build, but also a really unique  exercise in color to paint.  Will look forward to seeing which half you all find more interesting.

Always good to start with the finish so you know where this is going. For this display I really wanted some deep and powerful color that complimented the scheme and the flavor of the army. Ancient, brooding, a little dark and creepy. Somber Japanese Yavin 4 was one of the phrases thrown around.

First thing, lay down a little color. Nothing in nature is solid color. For a natural and deep look you aren't going to see the final result the first 75% of the paint. Have to build up in layers and think ahead. The biggest portion of the display is the ochre stones, so started with that and threw it around some other areas as well. I wanted the temple in the back to be similar to the stones but not quite the same, so I started with the same base with plans to adjust with layers later.

Doing the same thing with the stones in front, and every once in a while throwing in some complimentary colors to shade. Again, it is all setup.

At the same time I am doing the same thing to the front half. Because of the size was unable to work on them too much put together, but it's no problem using the same paints and occasionally sitting them together to eyeball a correct match. The two were put together later for final shades t pull that seam together.

Up and down back and forth is the key, not starting up and going down or vice versa. Starting to get a little more micro view in the color placement but overall this is still layers for tone. 

Starting to get in there with smaller brushes to block in individual things like the trees. I am also taking these colors and applying them with somewhat more precision for shading. Doing that helps tie it all together. Also gave the back a little bit of a darker layer as beginning to spin it off. 

Painting the back with precision to get it done first as the angle means potential mess. Shades, highlights, and some deeper purples. Using the mid tone here on the front stones as well. 

The stones are getting close with more brown shades and some highlights. So I masked off the gate and got it painted to be ready to move forward into the display. Similar concept of a dark purple, then many tones up, back and forth to give depth and some final brighter glazes .

With the back 90% finished and moving on to hand shading and blending in color, I put the two together. Getting really precise with watercolor style painting to help shapes and forms pop.

Adding some flock. This part was a lot of fun. White lichen dipped in a thin dark blends of browns and purples was allowed to dry overnight, then spray adhesive into a bin of flock. Hot glue was then used to wrap each piece around the tree limbs. Here and there adding glue to the bottom to catch loose flock naturally.  

End result with the wood cleaned up and stained. Then handles attached and the army places on for pics! 

That's it for this one!  Hope you enjoyed, and see you next time for a new project - this time Death Guard!  See you then.