Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Glooming Lords - A Death Guard Army

Hello out there!

Another army for you. Same army as last time, different scheme, different vibe.  Where the last army was reds and ochres, with strong Autumn undertones, this one is all winter!  Request was Glooming Lords with some personal touches - muted green trims, bright green lenses and smoke, purple cloth, and no gold.  Also, snow bases with some spreading sickness and ooze as they walk and taint the ground around them.  Otherwise free reign.  With that I ran with just a tint of rust for Nurgle, and pushed the purples in the flesh for a somewhat cold palette.  Like the last army I enjoy these sorts of projects where it isn't an "ice Death Guard" army exactly, but flexing color theory part of the brain to add a subtle flavor layer to the whole thing where possible.

With that in mind I took an old display I hadn't used in a while and gave it a winter makeover.  Used to be tan and you might remember it from some Ironjaw Orruks.  The fun thing about these is nothing needs to be permanent, so it was fun playing in loose snow just for photo effect, piling it on the dozers and such.

Quite a lot of fun overall in terms of process, and Death Guard are some great sculpts, so always a pleasure to paint.  

Next up, a completely different scale!  See you then.