Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Sister's Chapel Display Base

Hello out there! New base for a display commission in.  This will have a Sisters chapel sort of structure up top, about the same proportion as the bottom.  Same sort of overall piece as my other displays - part furniture, part display, transportable, etc. 

Pictures a little deceptive as she's pretty hefty.  Almost five feet wide and a couple deep.  A nice broad surface to get really wide with structure. Unlike how I do other displays, which is usually a ton of purchasing of 125% of anything I need then non stop work, this one will be more of a slow burn.  Lots of stopping to see where I am and collaborate with the client to order model trims and bits and bobs in correct amounts and from places that take a while to get here.  

Will post updates down the line when I get bigger chunks down and have progress to show. Exciting stuff.  Haven't done a full free-standing display in a while so will be fun to get back in one. See you next time!