Sunday, November 13, 2022

Kabal of the Flayed Skull - A Drukhari Army Project

Hello out there!  It has been a bit.  Have for you this time a Drukhari army in the Flayed Skulls.  A Dark Eldar army scheme with analogous application to traditional Fantasy vampire schemes and a lot of overlap there. At least that is how I see it, and really love that similar application of color and visual schemes, even if it is just me. 

Okay, okay.  Flayed Skull is truly it's own thing and been around since Dark Eldar heads were bigger than their entire torso (bless).  But I do really enjoy any time I can paint this sort of deep and gemlike blood red.  Coupled with the fact it is an old GW Kabal .  I enjoy actual schemes equally to homebrew, they just hit in equal but different ways.  And one like this that both has lore and history, and some really strong color theory going on with it, plus the ability to do something traditional in my own style and a modern application over some cool terrain....hard to beat. Real treat of an army and glad it came my way.

The snow is really to match the client's existing armies and terrain.  You might remember the Glooming Lords from a few years ago.  But, I think it works quite well and would have done the same even as a one off.  I always enjoy throwing snow down on backdrops. Don't know why but the temporary of it and being able to put it down and play around in it to make it realistic feels very old movie magic and tickles me.

The new place is going great and finally about done.  Looking forward to what will be more space dedicated purely to displays and work sprawl than what was the entire square footage of my old house.  It was sentimental but the optimism and excitement for what is in the cards for the future and my work has helped with that pain quite a bit. 

That is all for now.  Next up is a huge "Perry Etc" Civil War project.  Like the Samurai from not long ago, exciting for being such a new sort of project, especially for someone like me who has been doing this for going on a couple decades and always been a longing fan of historical from afar.  Thanks for looking, see you again soon.