Friday, November 25, 2022

Regimental Fire and Fury - ACW Project Blog Pt 1

Fury at the Wall - Dan Nance

Hello out there!  Something quite different on many levels for you today.  The next commission is a massive American Civil War project.  By massive I mean, even for myself, this is large and believe the largest project I have ever taken on, and in the many, many hundreds of miniatures. Possibly over a thousand, but gentlemen don't count until it's over.

On another level, it is a new opportunity even for myself having been painting armies for folks for almost two decades.  Have never done an ACW project.  Would not call myself an expert of course, but it is certainly something I have been interested in for my whole life.  Seen all the movies, read (or listened to, to be fair) my small share of books from biography to battle dissection. So it is very interesting to me, and this army has a great deal of individual units which are themselves research dives I am enjoying.

If you have been around since the ancient times, you might remember I have done a couple of Empire Fantasy armies in similar fashion.  There has always been something about historicals that tickles something in my brain.  Back then being primarily a Fantasy player, I got my fix through Empire, making armies unit by unit, researching official lore and referencing colors and iconography.  It was fun.  Now though, I get to do it for real, and it is hard to convey how excited I am for this project. So, it feels right to blog this out as I did those old Empire armies, and maybe some of you will enjoy it.  

Each baggie is a sorted unit.  Each one ranges from 36 for special specific units, to the hundreds.  Also, I am going to need a bigger display...

First, I will warm up with some smaller specialty units.  Zouaves, Berdan 1st sharpshooters, and something or two for the Confederates, have not decided.  Feels right to get going on something smaller, before I dive into the pool of hundreds of rank and file of each side.  Plenty to look forward to though.

One last reason for this on a sentimental note - the Samurai I did a while back are the army I was on when the house burned.  This army, which I hope to be photographing in the new place as both are finished, will see me out.  I enjoy that, and while the Samurai were very special to me for being my first historicals project and a treat to work on and research, this will only top all that excitement with added celebration.  Seems fitting and one might say fate.  

But let's stop yapping and get to work.  See you next time with some finished units and a little history.