Saturday, September 2, 2023

Regimental Fire and Fury - ACW Project Blog Part 4

Hello out there!

It is time for another update on the Fire and Fury ACW project.  This time, the entirety of the Union cavalry!

This section of the project technically has six elements:
- 3rd New Jersey Butterflies mounted
- Regular Union cavalry mounted
- Wilder's Lightning Brigade 17th Indiana mounted
- Regular and Wilder's dismounted
- Union cavalry horse holders

The 3rd NJ Butterflies were a very unique cavalry regiment. One of two regiments designated as Hussars in the American Civil War.  This blend of new American and European romance for war from earlier periods created both in uniform and spirit a one of a kind regiment.

The Butterflies were mustered late in the war, at Camp Bayard in Trenton, New Jersey.  They were the only one of the two regiments to serve in the Army of the Potomc.

During the Civil War, cavalry served a mixed role.  In the previous 200 years, cavalry were often dedicated to a specific task.  From the thick and rested for battle Curassier, to the sinewy and scouting Chassuer a Cheval.  During the ACW, the single regiment would be used in a range of  horseback assault, to reconnaissance, to dismounted infantry action.  

Representing that, in Fire and Fury regular cavalry have the option to dismount.  The horse holders staying back, figures can move and assault on foot.

Finally, we have Wilder's Lightning Brigade, or Hatchet Brigade, 17th Indiana.  The Lightning Brigade was special in leaning much more towards mounted, mobile infantry. Hard fought men with a special task for the time - to be quick and agile, ready to get in the fight at a moment's notice.

The Lightning Brigade formed earlier in the war, and out of necessity.  Starting with mule trains, wagons and actual steam trains, Wilder and crew ran hard fought raids and counter raids, until the natural conclusion came to be to simply mount regular infantry for such a task.  Ignoring the earlier Dragoons, which we will for several reasons, the Lightning Brigade was really the first true mobile infantry brigade.

That is all for now! Up next, the Union infantry, and the new photo table.  As you can see just this batch is really stretching the old table I made for the Samurai, so a new and much bigger one is in the works for this project.  See you next time!