Saturday, January 6, 2024

Regimental Fire and Fury - ACW Project Blog pt 6 - The Union Infantry

Hello out there!

The Union infantry are finished, and quite a wide eyeful of models they are.  For the blue side of the project, still a few small things to do, but can call this the triumphal gist of it with this last big batch of the regular infantry. Around 350 models just on the 40s, not to count the cavalry, mounted and dismounted, and other things shown so far on the Union side.

The infantry are a combination of Sash and Saber and Perry miniatures figures, which combine very well especially with paint.  A really great variety too.  One of the best feelings was not just putting the final touch on an entire table of stick mounted models, but turning right into popping them off for basing and putting each base together. They all work together very well and with so many figure poses the client chose, every base was a fun time of mini diorama. 

There is something around 50 flags on the table now.  For the infantry these command stands are a four figure base - Colonel, musician, and a state and national flag, for regiments that existed in the Civil War.  The flags are actual historically accurate designs for regiments that the client wanted to represent.  They are purchased printed designs I then roughed up with tools and soaked in varnish to create an almost plastic feel, and then used as a base to paint.  Very few of these have any printer ink still showing. One of those things in a project that is a lot of work but even still worth more than the some of it's parts.

These bases are all interchangeable with command stands, so a 6-8 stand regiment of 14th Michigan can be made with that command stand, and then march figures or firing figures to fill out as the situation sees fit.  So forth with every other command stand.

There are two separate and unique 6 stand groups with command of 54th Massachusetts. That might not ring a bell right away, but if you have seen the movie Glory you know of the African American regiment.  A twofold special treat in the mass of models - both to paint dark skin which I have not in a while, and watch the movie while I paint the same regiment.

That is all for now!  Up next is the Confederate side of this.  An even bigger chunk of models and a fun contrast of variety versus the uniform of the Union blues.  See you next time!