Thursday, March 28, 2024

Regimental Fire & Fury - ACW Project Blog Part 7 - The Confederate Infantry

Union forces assault Lee's headquarters.  Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and Florida defend, taking heavy casualties. Cavalry screen as the rest of the army deploys.

Hello out there!

Another update to the huge ACW project.  This time the bulk of Confederate infantry, plus some extra goodies.  Photography is getting a real treat as both sides start to come together.

A lot of fun sculpts.  Mostly Sash and Saber, with some Perry mixed in.  A lot of character, and fun to paint.  Quite a different process than the Union.  Instead of mounting like sculpts together, the figures were mounted for paint in 8-10 man strips, and each one jumbled through the process of color.  Each model is unique, but overall that distinct Confederate look in mass.  

Let's get on with some photos.  Up next, two dozen artillery and limbers!

Bitter close fighting as Louisiana and Alabama defend Lee's headquarters from the Iron Brigade and 5th Union.

David Lang coolly commands the 8th Florida under heavy fire. 

"There was a firefight!"...Reaching, but there's probably some Irishmen in there somewhere.

South Carolina is the first to deploy in support of Florida.  Mounting casualties are swiftly moved to the field hospital.

Perry ambulance wagon.  Two ambulances and several casualty sets jumbled to create many casualty markers, and unique wagons for each side plus a field hospital.

Stewart camp. 

The hospital is made up of many different figures from sets and terrain elements.