Saturday, November 10, 2012

(11/10/12) 5 Chaos Titans Finished

Hey all.  Just finished up the 5 Chaos Titans I was blogging the assembly of a couple weeks back, if you recall. It was fun to work on something so different, both in assembly and painting.  There are a surprising amount of differences between painting a Titan and a vehicle, more than one would imagine at first glance.

Silly Orks! The Reavers stand easily 2-2.5 feet tall.  The buildings in the foreground are actually stacked 3 high.

The Nurgle Warhound is painted to match an upcoming Guard army, but it also shares colors with a Death Guard army I have done for the customer in the past.  The base is a combination of loose barrels, putty, water effects and GW terrain.

The Knights Haemophage Titans are painted to match the 15,000 point Knights army that was done back in January of this year. They are themed around corrupted Blood Angels, so the bases were built around the gothic looking Garden of Morr sets for a vampiric look.

 Paladin of Darkness, the Reaver Titan.

 Warhounds round out the squadron.

Night Lords Reaver.  The wings (along with almost everything on all of these Titans) are magnetized with 1/2" rare earth magnets.  Despite the heft it takes both arms to get the wings off.  They aren't going anywhere!

The customer wanted a city ruins sort of base.  GW terrain was simply too bulky to use correctly, so I built up a city street with sidewalks and lots of rubble.  Dumpster, washing machine, barrels, and other rubble make up the litter in the street.

I hope you all enjoy and until next time!