Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reaver Redo

I misunderstood the shade of gold and blue the customer was after on the blue Titan.  99% of the time I get it right the first time, but here's proof no matter the size of the project I will see it through. :)

While I was at it he requested a bit of freehand.  We went for lightning on some of the armor and a dark Chaos star over a night sky on the right knee pad. I enjoyed doing freehand such as this, it is sort of the victory lap at the end when a project is coming together.  Saving the cherry for after you drink the shake.

I also added a banner between the legs made of smoothed and cut putty and piping.  This is magnetized to the bottom of the armor. The emblem is a corrupted College Titanica symbol.

Until next time!